First post

Hello and welcome! Thank you for stopping by; I hope you like what you see. Our passions aside from our family are food (cooking and eating it), fitness and health.

And, we strongly believe you are what you eat: rubbish in, rubbish out. By eating a balanced, whole food diet we find we are much better equipped to indulge and have enough energy and vitality left over to meet the everyday challenges of a busy life!

That is why we have gone on this exciting food adventure.  This blog will be a record of the trials and tribulations, ups and downs that we will no doubt encounter on the way. We hope it will also be a helpful resource for others, as we plan to share everything we learn, good and bad, on this exciting journey.

Finally and probably most importantly we hope it will provide a forum for sharing ideas, recipes, thoughts… pretty much anything we as a community of like-minded, cooking crazy, healthy eaters want to share!