As you may have guessed, at Seed and Sage, we are nuts about seeds! We use them in all our bakes adding lots of lovely fibre, protein and good fats not to mention essential vitamins and minerals to our range of delicious and nutritious cakes and sweet treats. 

However our love for seeds extends far beyond baking; at Seed and Sage HQ, we enjoy these little powerhouses of goodness with every meal. Here is a little bit about our favourite seeds and some ideas how you can incorporate them into your mealtimes and snacks.

Lower in fat than most seeds and offer anti-inflammatory and cholesterol lowering benefits.

High in antioxidants as well as being a good source of protein, Iron, Folate (B-vitamin needed to make DNA and other genetic material - essential if you are pregnant), Zinc (boosts the immune system and aids cell growth and repair), fibre (important for digestive health as well as weight management) and vitamin E (helps slows the ageing process).

Great source of Alpha-linoeic acid (plant based Omega-3 fat to you and me) and fibre.

A complete protein source containing all 9 amino acids in easily digestible form (vegans and vegetarians take note!). It’s also a good source of Calcium (needed for strong bones) and Zinc.

Packed with Calcium, Iron, Magnesium (promotes good sleep, regulates blood pressure, blood sugar levels, muscle and nerve function and helps prevent osteoporosis) Phosphorus (essential for healthy bones and organs as well as boosting energy levels), Zinc, vitamin B (keeps the body’s nerves and blood cells healthy) and fibre.

Full of fibre, protein, Omega 3 fat, Calcium, Manganese (necessary for brain and nerve function, as well as blood clotting, connective tissue and strong bones) Magnesium and Phosphorus (essential for healthy bones and teeth also aids absorption of vitamin B).



Sprinkle toasted pumpkin & hemp seeds on your porridge / yoghurt / eggs
Replace some of the oats in your porridge with ground flax and chia seeds
Add a handful of ground flaxseed or chia to your breakfast smoothie
Replace some of the nuts in your granola with toasted seeds

Add a mix of toasted seeds to your salad or soup
Thicken your soup or stew with some ground flaxseed
Toast some sunflower seeds and use in place of pine nuts in your favourite pesto recipe
Add a bit of crunch to your stir fry with a sprinkle of sesame seeds
Add a dollop of hummus (contains tahini or sesame paste) to pretty much anything - great way of adding depth and richness to soups and stews or just as a tasty side to your salad
Make a simple tahini dressing (whisk tahini with water in a ratio of 2:1 season with a little salt and garlic and hey presto you have a delicious dressing for salads, falafel etc.

Make your own tamari pumpkin seeds to snack on (drizzle a little olive oil and tamari over your pumpkin seeds; roast in a hot oven for c.10mins until golden)
‘Sun’ butter is a great alternative to nut butter but you’ll need a good blender for this one… roast some sunflower seeds in the oven until golden (c.10mins) then blitz them in the blender with some salt (and a little stevia if you prefer a little sweetness) until the natural oil releases - depending on the power of your blender this may take c.5+ minutes. Only once you’ve reached this stage then add a little olive oil to thin. Spread on toast, or use it as a base for a salad dressing.
Try using ground seeds in your baking - we find the creamy texture of ground sunflower seeds is perfect for brownies. Also ground flaxseed is really easy to bake with - to add a lovely nutty flavour to your bake just substitute a portion of the flour in any recipe.