Temper Temper...

To make our Salted Date Caramel Slice look as good as it tastes I have had to master the art of tempering chocolate… Get it right and your chocolate will have a lovely shine, get it wrong and it will look like it has a bad case of the measles!

How hard can it be? Quite is the answer! I tried to short cut the learning process with expensive gadgets but in the end realised, like many things, all it really takes is time, a little care and lots of patience.

If you fancy giving it a try, do! YouTube has many brilliant videos but my top tips are:

Gently does it - heat the chocolate very slowly and add the ‘seeding’ chocolate gradually;
Get an infra red thermometer - especially when you are learning, without one it’s pretty hit and miss; and
Pump some iron - all the stirring that is required will give even the fittest arms a workout!